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The Rite of Spring

by Igor Stravinsky, arranged for Marimba and Piano

Premiered and recorded as Vesna Duo (with Liana Pailodze Harron, piano)

"As a fresh perspective on a masterpiece, the Vesna Duo’s performance is smashingly effective."

Tim Page (The Wall Street Journal)

"The energy and excitement that sizzles between the artists creates some jaw-dropping moments."

Keziah Thomas (Reader's Digest UK)


“When artists like Liana Pailodze Harron and Ksenija Komljenović come along and not only manage to push through to the front of the crowd as the new group, Vesna Duo, but also do so with a debut project that fully embraces an established, beloved piece of 20th century music –– Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" –– you know it's something worth your time, and attention for listening.”

- Kira Grunenberg (Throw the Dice and Play Nice)

About The Rite of Spring, arranged for Marimba and Piano

"This arrangement is a result of my great love for The Rite of Spring and a wonderful friendship
with my pianist, Liana Pailodze Harron. March 2020 failed our performance-related dreams – for
Liana and me, it was a Carnegie Hall concert that was canceled. Heartbroken and isolated in our
respective homes, we decided to do something slightly mad that will consume our waking days. I
proposed to arrange The Rite of Spring. About a decade ago, I performed Stravinsky’s iconic ballet
as a percussionist in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra – my responsibility was the tam-tam.
To this day, The Rite is the only work that has caused me to shed tears while performing. When I
think of that concert, I remember being so engulfed in music that my reaction was physical. I
wanted to drag my feet in a slithery dance during Spring Rounds, sing along to all the crumbled,
tangled Slavic melodies bumping into one another in Mystic Circles of the Young Girls, and
furiously jump during Glorification of the Chosen One. I did not just want to move my arms to
play the tam-tam; my whole being was responding to the music.

Three weeks after Liana and I spoke, I completed the first draft of the arrangement."

Listen & Store

Enjoy Vesna Duo's official recording on CDSPOTIFYAPPLE MUSICAMAZON MUSIC, or DEEZER.
Buy the score (physical or digital copy) here.

Two CD's, one showing cover with Vesna Duo on it, the other showing the same CD open..
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